FAQ – for 10,000 Lux Light Therapy


Q Do I need to look directly at the light? A No, but the light should shine in your eyes.

Q Do I need to have my eyes open? A Yes. Therefore you cannot sleep or meditate during light therapy.

Q Can I wear sunglasses? A No. You cannot wear sunglasses or tinted glasses during light therapy.

Q Can I wear glasses? A Yes. Glasses are okay.

Q Is the UV blocked? A Yes. There is a UV filter.

Explanation: You should face the light and have it shine in your eyes. It is not necessary to look directly at it, but looking directly at the light won’t do you any harm. Sunglasses block light. If you wear sunglasses you will not be getting 10,000 Lux. Glasses do not block visible light. If you wear glasses you will still get 10,000 Lux. You should not wear any apparel such as a visor that will block the light from reaching your eyes.


Q Does it matter what time of day I use the light? A Yes, it is preferable in the morning.

Q Can I use it all day? A Yes. You can use it as a regular desk lamp. However use at night may keep you awake.

Q If I sit further away do I need to use it longer? A Yes. You need an hour of therapy with 5000 Lux.

Explanation: It is recommended to get 10,000 Lux for 20-30 minutes. It is important to use the light at about the same time every day. Also try to spend time outdoors during sunny periods. Eat sensibly, exercise, and try to keep regular sleep-wake hours.


Q Does it come with the bulbs? A Yes.

Q Where can I get replacement bulbs? A Northern Light Technologies sells replacement bulbs.

Q Are the tubes very expensive? A 15$ + 9$ shipping (sold in packages of 2 Total=48$)

Q How long will the tubes last? A The tubes will last for 20,000 hours!

Explanation: The tubes are rated for 20,000 hours, however their light output declines with usage. They should be replaced every few years if the unit is also used as a regular desk lamp (8 hours a day).


Q Will it work in other countries? A The SADelite, Flamingo, BOXelite, TRAVelite and SHOWoff will work on 110-270 V and 50-60 Hz. Adaptor may be required.

Q Does it run on batteries? A No.

Q Does it have a power cord? A Yes. All our power cords are about 8ft long.

Q Is the light dimmable? A No.

Q Does it have a timer? A No.

Explanation: Each unit has a grounded plug and an ON/OFF switch. They do not dim. They do not have a timer. They do not turn off automatically. They are very efficient and produce no hum, no flicker, low emf and very little heat.

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