Big Happy Family Bundle


Looking for a brighter and more cheerful start to your day? Look no further. This beautiful bundle includes 4 bright light therapy units and 1 dawn simulator.

1 Mini LUXOR (white)
1 Northern Light Desk Lamp (beige)
1 LUXOR (white)
1 Lumie Bodyclock Active 250
1 TRAVelite (beige)

The Big Happy Family Bundle is everything you need to brighten up the house, the office and the entire family.



This bundle is without a doubt the most diverse light therapy package you can get. It includes 4 different bright light therapy units as well as a dawn simulator. In general, the easier it is to access light therapy, the more likely you’ll be to get it. Furthermore, a family bundle like this has something for everyone.

Bright Lights

The LUXOR brings all the light to the table with its 45 W CFL bulb which gives a bright white 4100K light. It’s sides are 15″ long. The Mini LUXOR is a smaller version of the LUXOR. Its sides are 11.5″ long so it takes up less desk space and can fit on a nightstand. The Northern Light Desk Lamp stands tall and the angle of the hood is adjustable. This desk lamp comes highly recommended for bright light therapy because it has a large light screen and it shines down from above similar to the sun outdoors. The TRAVelite is a more portable light therapy unit and so it was designed to be incredibly durable too.

These 4 bright light therapy products offer the required 10,000 Lux at a usable distance.

Dawn simulator

The Lumie Bodyclock Active 250 is a dawn simulator with some amazing features. Firstly, it has a completely dimmable display. Secondly, it can help you fall asleep too with a gradual dimming light or white noise sounds. Most importantly, it will help ease you into the day with a gradual sunrise over 15-90 minutes. Waking up with a slow increase in light is a much calmer way to wake up than a blaring alarm.
To sum up, a dawn simulator is a great addition to bright light therapy.

Save big with the Big Happy Family Bundle. Individual pricing is $952 and the bundle sale price is $660.00
In short, that’s almost $300 of savings!

See individual product pages below for more details:
Northern Light II
Lumie Bodyclock Active 250
TRAVelite II


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