Feel Bright Light Visor

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The Feel Bright Light Visor is a portable device that works as well as a 10,000 Lux desktop unit! The visor allows the user the freedom to move around while enjoying the light.


Finally a portable device that actually works as well as a 10,000 Lux desktop unit! The visor consists of a baseball cap with a rechargeable LED device allowing the user the freedom to move around while enjoying the light.

Features include:

  • High intensity light emitting a choice of 12,000 LUX or 8,000 LUX at the push of a button.
  • Green LEDs (wavelength at +/-500 nanometers) which avoid the toxicity associated with blue LEDs.
  • No UV and no heat
  • Automatic 30 minute shut-off
  • 1 year warranty
  • 60 day money back guarantee (full refund of total paid less $35 restocking fee)

Product Specs:

  • Weight: under 2 ounces
  • Battery Life: Light weight lithium battery lasts for 2 hours
  • Made in USA
  • Visor: Made in China


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 13 in



4 reviews for Feel Bright Light Visor

  1. Serena Zillwigger

    Wonderful! I use this when we are doing projects outside in my work shop which does not put out a lot of light. I love how portable this is and how I can take it with me on trips as well.

  2. GoHardCore Canadian

    Have had mine for 4 years now… I’m in the Pacific Northwest of Canada and use it during the winter mornings as one of my key tools to keep depression to a minimum. I’m an active guy in work and recreation, travel a lot, and need to get moving in the morning rather than sit by a desk lamp for 30 min, so the portability of this item is fantastic. Just clip it onto my current ball cap, and get rolling.

    Key features that I find useful:
    -Automatic turn off timer
    -Positions light at optimum 17deg plane above eyes to mimic sunlight

  3. LessSadinNY

    I’ve had mine for years. I start wearing mine every morning before we go back to Standard Time and wear it all winter. In this age of the Covid-19 pandemic, when stress, isolation, and fear are constants, and depression is exponentially intense, this is a life-saver.

    Easy to wear
    Easy to maintain

  4. Kathleen

    I too have had mine many years and it remains a wintertime (and then some) go-to. Because some seasons — some years — are better than others, how often I use it definitely varies. Note that the time you use it is key (i.e. “first thing” / before 9AM, before 8: see first month of Huberman Lab neuroscience podcast https://hubermanlab.libsyn.com/2021/01) and related to many factors incl energy/mood/”productive” sleep. I rarely write reviews but wanted to say here that, if you’re on the fence but have a sense this might benefit you, get it (and consider checking out Andrew Huberman’s work to help you do so most effectively/efficiently). x0x0xx

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