Illuminate your world.

Northern Lights mimic the vibrant clarity of a spring day, built as beacons to help reverse the effects of seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Designed by preeminent engineers and endorsed by the world’s leading authorities and clinicians.

Our products give off more than light, they emit hope, joy, and brilliance for the darker months.

BOXelite Desk lamp OS

Flamingo Floor Lamp II

TRAVelite Desk Lamp II

SADelite Desk Lamp II

Luxor Desk Lamp

Our Difference

Every light we craft is made with meticulous precision and attention to quality in North America.Whether it’s certain sleep disorders, shift work malaise, jet lag, even Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s, our pioneering light therapy acts as an invaluable aid to reconnect with the world.

Recommended by the world’s leading clinicians and publications.


Quality Right in front of your eyes

At Northern Lights, our expansive light screens emit a luminous, pure white light, mirroring the sun in both intensity and spectral quality.

We ensure all our products emit an exposure level of 10,000 Lux.

Lux is the metric for light intensity, and 10,000 Lux replicates the luminosity experienced on a clear Spring day.