Frequently Asked Questions


Lux is a unit to measure the intensity of light. Indoor lighting might seem bright but is typically below 500 Lux. You can get 10,000 Lux outdoors in the summer or spring but in winter it can be difficult! That’s why all Northern Light Technologies bright light products provide 10,000 Lux. Just 30 minutes of 10,000 Lux can help you find the energy you need to thrive.


Just as the sun bathes the entire sky, our products’ expansive light screens are designed to immerse your face in a glow of comforting brightness. Our lamps, furnished with full-spectrum tubes, emit a pure white light, emulating the sun both in luminosity (Lux) and quality (wavelength).

For effective bright light therapy, your eyes need exposure to the 10,000 Lux area – a feat easily achievable with our large light screens. Smaller units may struggle to deliver this illumination, but with our products, the promise of 10,000 Lux is not just a possibility, but a delightful reality.


No, you don’t need to fix your gaze directly at the light.
However, it’s essential that the light permeates your field of vision.

Absolutely. Having your eyes open is key to the therapy’s effectiveness, making sleep or meditation during exposure unadvisable.

We advise against sunglasses or any tinted eyewear.
These could interfere with the optimal light exposure necessary for effective therapy.

Regular glasses pose no hindrance to your light therapy experience.

We prioritize your safety; each unit is equipped with a UV filter to prevent harmful exposure.
For optimal benefits, position yourself facing the light, allowing its radiance to gently bathe your eyes.
There’s no need to directly gaze at the source; indirect exposure is sufficient.
Rest assured, even a direct look at the light poses no harm.

Do note that sunglasses obstruct light.
Wearing them would prevent you from receiving the full 10,000 Lux benefit.
However, regular glasses pose no such issue – their light interference is minimal, ensuring that you still receive the optimal 10,000 Lux exposure.

We recommend avoiding accessories such as visors that might obstruct the light from reaching your eyes.
With Northern Light Technologies, let every lumen contribute to your wellbeing.


Indeed, timing is significant. Morning usage is preferable to help maintain a healthy sleep-wake cycle.

Using bright light at night can make it hard to fall asleep.

Absolutely, feel free to use it as a regular desk lamp throughout the day. However, be mindful that nighttime usage could potentially disrupt your sleep due to the light’s invigorating effects.

When your bright light therapy session is finished you can just sit further or shine the lamp away from the eyes.

Correct. Greater distances mean reduced Lux exposure, thus increasing the time required for effective therapy. For instance, at a 5,000 Lux exposure, we recommend an hour of usage.

For optimal results, we advise immersing yourself in the 10,000 Lux brightness for 20-30 minutes daily. Consistency is key – aim to engage in light therapy at approximately the same time each day.

Complement this indoor therapy with time spent outdoors during sunny intervals. Alongside light therapy, embrace a balanced diet, regular exercise, and maintain consistent sleep-wake cycles. We believe in a holistic approach to wellness, where light, lifestyle, and balance converge for your wellbeing.


Absolutely! Every product from Northern Light Technologies arrives ready for immediate use, bulbs included!

Replacement bulbs can be conveniently acquired from your local hardware store or directly through Northern Light Technologies.

The cost of replacement tubes falls within a moderate range of $40-$52, ensuring continued brilliance without breaking the bank.

Our tubes are designed for longevity, promising up to 20,000 hours of radiant illumination.

While our tubes boast an impressive longevity of 20,000 hours, their luminosity naturally diminishes over time due to regular use. To maintain the brilliant intensity you’ve come to expect from our products, we recommend replacing the tubes every few years. This ensures your Northern Light Technologies experience remains as vibrant and effective as the first day.


Yes, our Northern Lights Desk Lamp, Flamingo, BOXelite, and TRAVelite models are compatible with voltages from 110-270 V and frequencies of 50-60 Hz. Depending on the country, an adaptor may be necessary.

No, our products are designed for direct power supply, ensuring uninterrupted, long-lasting illumination without the need for battery replacements.

Yes, all our models come with an approximately 8ft long power cord, offering you flexibility in choosing where to set up your light source.

Our bulbs offer optimal light output and are not compatible with dimmers. Our products are designed to provide a consistent light level. If you prefer less light, simply tilt the unit or orient it away from direct line of sight.

No, our products do not come with a built-in timer. This gives you the freedom to manage your light exposure duration as per your needs.

Every one of our units is designed with functionality in mind, featuring a grounded plug and a straightforward ON/OFF switch. Experience seamless, silent operation free from any hum or flicker, along with low electromagnetic fields (EMF). Despite their impressive brightness, these units produce minimal heat, making them a safe and comfortable addition to your home or workspace.

We want to make sure you know exactly what you’re purchasing and how to use it. Should you have any more questions, please feel free to contact us at 1-800-263-0066 and we’ll be happy to help!


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HCPCS Codes:
E0203: Therapeutic lightbox 10,000 Lux
A4634: Replacement bulb for therapeutic lightbox, tabletop model