General Instructions For Use

10,000 Lux Bright Light Therapy

Sit at the distance shown in the lamp instructions. Use your lamp for about 30 minutes at the same time every day in the morning. You do not need to look straight into the light, however the light should shine into your eyes. In other words, light needs to reach the eyes for this treatment to be effective. Therefore, for that reason, sunglasses or anything that will block light should not be used while getting light therapy. Bright light helps you feel awake and alert all day long while alleviating symptoms of the winter blues. In the same fashion, use of a bright light at night can keep you awake and disrupt sleep. As has been noted by the NIMH.

Above all, try to keep regular sleep/wake hours and exercise outdoors when possible. This will be beneficial to your overall well-being. While vitamins and supplements can also help improve energy levels, it is important to get professional advice. For instance, many people lack vitamin D in the winter since we receive less UV on our skin. It is even referred to as the sunshine vitamin. However, taking too much vitamin D can lead to vitamin D toxicity. With this in mind, learn more on vitamin D from the mayo clinic.


If you have a health problem, if you have been told you must wear sunglasses in sunlight, or if you have a history of eye problems, please consult a health-care professional first. Medications such as: lithium, melatonin, tetracycline, St. John’s Wort, acne creams, creams with retinoic acid and some chemotherapy drugs can make you light sensitive. See WebMD on sun sensitizing drugs.

Wake Up Lights

Wake up lights, also known as dawn simulators are a great addition to a Northern Lights bright light therapy product. These bedside lamps gradually get brighter to help wake you up in the morning, like the sun. This can be helpful for dark winter mornings, bedrooms with low window light, and for shift workers. This type of light does not replace a 10,000 lux unit as it does not emit bright light. Program your wake up light alarm for your desired wake up time. There is also a sunset feature to help you fall asleep, which can be equally as important.


Clicking noise
Loosen the nylon screws on the front filter.

Lamp not working
Switch lamp on and wait. Do not flip switch back and forth quickly.
Try another plug.
Unplug the unit and try removing and reinserting the bulb(s).

Still not working? Give us a call at 1-800-263-0066 and we will help resolve the issue.


Feature Comparison Chart


Avoid waking up to darkness. Wake Up Lights are not 10,000 Lux light therapy devices. They are however a great addition to your winter toolbox. These lights mimic a sunrise. As the light gradually brightens, you drift out of sleep and awaken peacefully.

Feature Comparison Chart