Flamingo Floor Lamp

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To order our new LED model click here: Flamingo Floor Lamp II LED version

The Flamingo is a unique floor lamp that stands 46 inches tall. It will not only look great in your living room, but also allow you to enjoy your light therapy in complete and utter comfort.

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See Flamingo Floor Lamp II LED version.

The Flamingo light is a unique floor lamp that stands 46 inches tall that will look great in your living room. At 12 inches away, the Flamingo delivers 10,000 Lux. Great for any lounge area or to brighten up your work space. Also ideal for use while on a treadmill or an exercise bike. It comes with a long power cord for easy placement and any extra cord can be hidden in the base of the lamp.

Features Include:

  • 10,000 Lux at 12 inches
  • Quality metal construction
  • Electronically powered for no flicker & no hum
  • No UV & very low EMF
  • 7 year unlimited warranty
  • 60 day money back guarantee (full refund of total paid less $35 restocking)

Product Specs:

  • Power : 48 Watts – Lamp automatically selects from 110-270 volts, 50 or 60 hz
  • Height : 4 Feet Shade : 3 inches x 7 inches x 13 inches
  • Weight : 11 lbs
  • Grounded power cord : About 6 feet
  • On/Off switch : On top of unit

Made in NORTH AMERICA with QAI safety approval


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10 reviews for Flamingo Floor Lamp

  1. Susan Bell

    We use this lamp in our studio. It works great and couldn’t ask for a better design. It is a necessity in the winter!

  2. Nancy Kohlman

    I have had my Flamingo Floor Lamp for over 5 years! It has made my life so much more productive during the winter. I finally need a replacement bulb. Especially, since moving to a dark North facing apartment this year! Thank You for such a great product. I can use it in the kitchen, bedroom or desk. I only wish I had one for every room as I go about my morning!

  3. Heather McAdams

    Thank you for sending this to me so fast. It is good quality and appears to be made to last. I really like how I can put it anywhere in my house. I have it tucked in the corner. Thanks for your great customer support.

  4. Gretchen von Gustlin (verified owner)

    This lamp has made such a difference! As the winter approaches I turn on the lamp and my life continues to be productive and joyful. I have had mine for a year with no problems. It is well made and it looks great in my bedroom near my chaise lounge. Thank you Northern Lights for making my life easier!

  5. Mary Thaxton

    My life has improved immensely since I purchased my Flamingo floor lamp. I read under it for about 1 hour a day & I noticed an improvement in my mood within one week of using it. I’ve had mine for about 2 years. I would recommend your product to anyone who has seasonal depression. This product took it away! It has made my life much happier.

    • mike

      Thank you for the kind review. We’re always happy to hear when our products make people happy!

  6. mitcehl (verified owner)

    Love my floor lamp. Just the right size for crowded space. In fact I’m buying a second one.

  7. Camilla HIll

    I absolutely love my floor lamp! I have suffered from SAD for many years and this lamp really does help! My wife and I jokingly call it my happy lamp. It’s great; I like to turn on beach noises, lay under it on my couch, and close my eyes. It really feels like a warm sunny day on the beach. I would HIGHLY recommend this lamp to anyone who suffers from SAD.

  8. Linda

    This lamp saves me from depression, poor quality of sleep and anxiety during the long dark days of winter and spring in Wisconsin. I placed it right beside my bed and sit under it as soon as I wake in the morning, and find it a very relaxing and calming start to my day. Without a SAD/Happy lamp I’d be in real trouble healthwise!! Thanks for this great design!

  9. Derek

    A family member (Who is a doctor) was so impressed by your Flamingo lamp that she sent one to my wife & I for Xmas. I was very skeptical. “Persevere” she said and I am glad I did. You see I don’t suffer with SAD and I don’t get depressed; however, I was suffering with severe pain in the groin and upper thigh of my left leg and for the last year I could only walk using a cane. After 9 days of using the Flamingo first thing in the morning for 25 minutes I am completely pain free and no longer need the cane; I certainly didn’t expect that to happen and I am very happy that I “persevered” And, by the way, I also feel much calmer and more relaxed than I did before. I recommend your product to all who will listen and believe me everyone is really surprised at the difference in me; I no longer feel that I am crippled. Thank You very much for creating this lamp it truly is amazing.

  10. eileen

    I was suffering from SAD for the past 3 winters (NYC). I researched light therapy and realized that I wanted to keep my morning routine – a cup of coffee in bed while I peruse my emails for a good 1/2 hour. Then up and out. I read so much info on the web but took the time to call Northern Lights customer service and was delighted to have a specific and helpful conversation so I could understand how to use the lamp and for how long. I chose this lamp and every morning I pull it to the side of my bed (I marked the floor) so it is always the right distance in front of my face. I sit for 35-45 minutes and it has been, to say the least, life-changing. I knew it in 2 weeks (started the week before daylight savings). For the first time in 3 years in the winter, I’m ‘myself’ …I go out and talk to people and feel normal again. AND…it seems to have reset my horrible (non) sleep cycles. I used to sleep 2-3 hours at a go and wake then sort of back again. Now I’m sleeping 7-9 hours straight through. Clearly, I’m a poster child for light therapy. I know there are a lot of products out there but I’m happy to say that this is a reputable company making a solid product. Thanks.

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